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The site, originally at http://www.geocities.com/~angelsecrets/, was opened on January 15, 1998, by Chrystal as a dedication to the character Angel from the television series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Thanks to Chrystal's hard work - as well as contributions of fanfiction, reviews, news, etc. by site visitors - the site grew.

In July of 2001, Chrystal's Real Life grew very busy, and Anne answered the call for someone to take over as site administrator.

In January of 2004, after some billing issues with the site's former host, the site was moved to a new home at its own domain: http://www.secretsofangel.com/

As of April 2008, the site is hosted at www.neloo.com (but still with its own domain name).

About the Site's Layouts

Layout - Version 4

Layout posted: 12/18/2010 (banner changed in January, 2012)
Layout removed: (current layout)
Design by: Anne
* Credits/Sources are listed on the links page.
* Note that for efficiency, this time I combined small pages that had similar content, and I did away with pages were outdated.
* More layout information follows.

Current Layout F.A.Q.

What is this obsession you have with black/white/red layouts?
I think it looks shadowy and "secret"-ive. But hey, I used a few more colors this time, not just red!

Where did you get the pictures you used in the banner?
They're from a re-release of the DVD sets with new artwork. I found pictures of the covers at amazon.co.uk in January of 2012.

What font did you use?
The words "Angel's Secrets" are in the Felix Titling font, which I think is a standard part of Windows XP.

What did you use to edit the graphics?
I used the "Panography-ish" feature at picnik.com to give the mild basket-weave/filter look. The graphics were positioned and finalized using Paint Shop Pro, version 7.

Will this layout be up for five years, like the last one was?
Probably so. For one thing, this site is so large that changing the layout requires a *great* deal of time and effort. But beyond that, I actually like this layout!

Layout - Version 3

 Layout #3
Version 3

Layout posted: 6/25/2005 (banner changed in January, 2008)
Layout removed: 12/18/2010
Design by: Anne
* I changed the menu from a graphic to text links. (Hopefully this will help my site show up in more search results. ;)
* I went with black, white and red again, because I still think it looks shadowy and "secret"-ive.
* As in the previous re-design, the page names remained the same, so any bookmarks or links should remain the same.
* In honor of the site's 10-year anniversary in 2008, I changed the banner (to the bottom one, in the screencap above).
* The graphics were edited using Paint Shop Pro, version seven.
* The pictures in the banners are from the Freeze Frame Network.
* Fonts: (top) banner = Bow, (bottom) banner = Brush 455 BT. Both fonts are from a fonts CD.

Layout - Version 2

 Layout #2
Version 2

Layout posted: 3/30/2003
Layout removed: 6/25/2005
Design by: Anne
Changes made in version two:
* Used one design for all pages for a more consistent look.
* Removed the splash page: made it the main index.
* The page names remained the same, so that any bookmarks should be unaffected.
* Note: I'm not really an Angel/Faith "shipper," but I thought this picture looked like they were up to something and therefore was appropriate, given this site's title.

Layout - Version 1

 Layout #1
Version 1
Clockwise from the top left: Splash Page, Index Page, Content Page (Dark), Content Page (Light)

Layout posted: (sometime in 1999, before the series premiere)
Layout removed: 3/30/2003
Design by: Chrystal
Details: The light and dark rose-trellis backgrounds are by the now-closed WindyWeb Designs.

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Angel's Secrets is a rusted-crush.com production. This not-for-profit fan website is a display of admiration and expression, and we gratefully acknowledge the sources that have helped make this site and this layout possible. No infringement of any kind is intended. The Frequently Asked Questions page contains more site information, including the terms of use for posting our original content elsewhere. Thank you for visiting; enjoy the site!