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Posting Board Party (PBP) February 1999

by *LB*

Site Administrator's Note: Major thanks to *LB* for agreeing to share her PBP experience and pictures with Angel's Secrets.


PBP 1999 was everything I was hoping it would be and more. The Planning Committee deserves a lot of thanks for all the hard work they put in. I attended the pre-pre-party, the Official Pre-party, and the Official PBP held at the Sunset Landmark in Hollywood. Most of the out of town guests stayed at the Holiday Inn-Hollywood where the Pre-party was held in the "Window's On Hollywood" resturant on the top floor. It was indeed a revolving restaurant, with wonderfull views of The Biltmore Hotel, the Max Factor Building, The Chinese Theater, and Highland Avenue. Four Star Mary played in the center while the rest us circled around them. The VIP in attendance was Larry Bagby III who plays "gay Larry" on the show. When the band played "She Knows" Tad- the lead singer- informed the crowed that it was not in fact written for Willow, but for his friend Sunshine. As you may remember "She Knows" was the song "Dingo's Ate My Baby" played in "Homecoming."

The Sunset Landmark was right next to the Hollywood Athletic Club on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. The entranceway was filled with tables for checking off names and displaying the items under silent auction. Four Star Mary and The Velvet Chain also had tables set up selling T-shirts and CD's.

A drained pool in the center of the building was the focus of the nights action. It contained the cash bar and the stage where The Velvet Chain performed. Two levels circled around the "pool" filled with places to sit and tables of food. The VIP lounge was on the third floor. After a great deal of mingling the VIP's arrived. They included Joss Whedon, David Boreanez, Anthony Stewart Head, Seth Green, Eliza Dushku, Larry Bagby III, Elizabeth Ann Allen, Jeff Pruitt, Sophia Crawford, Danny Strong (Johnathan), Chris Beck (composer) and a few people I never got to see because it was a big place. It was also loud, especially while the Velvet Chain was playing. After the cast and PBP Committee presented a $6000 check to the Make a Wish Foundation, the VIP's ventured out into the room signing autographs and posing for pictures. David Boreanez was in high demand as you can imagine. He eventually retreated to the VIP lounge for a respite. So of course I planted myself outside the rope that closed off the lounge. And I waited patiently with about twenty other people.

My friend Rob had mysteriously gained entrance to the VIP area and very kindly got David Boreanez to come over to The Rope. He shook my hand, posed for a picture and went back into The Room. As I said before, it was very loud and I don't think either one of us could hear what the other was saying. He did have a marvelous handshake though!

And the night continued to be a blast. Joss and Eliza tore up the dance floor while the Velvet Chain played, and Seth got on stage to play guitar. I bid on and won a script of "Amends" signed by Joss and won three t-shirts in the raffle.

The post-party at the hotel went on at least until I left at 5:30am. The guys from Nerf Hearder were lounging on the bed and we had a nice talk about Banta Barbara, where they're from.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and that I'll see YOU at next year's party!



Here are Lynn's PBP pictures:

*LB* and David

*LB* and other Bronzers

Bronzers watching Nick on PI

*LB* and ... some people from Chicago?

Cal Bronzers in Buffy t-shirts

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