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Original Air Date: February 2, 1999
Review by: Amanda

Episode Review

Even though this week's episode was a repeat, Blu never did a review on it, so I figure I might as well. I really liked this episode, it was really funny. I thought Buffy wanting to bring back her glory days was a good thing, especially since she didn't even get her picture taken. I cannot believe she told Angel she was involved with someone. Her supposed involvement is nothing close to as good as Angel. Couldn't she see how much it hurt him when she told him that? When Xander and Willow kissed, it actually wasn't that surprising. You knew it was coming. They had all the touchy feely signs. The best part of this episode (besides seeing Angel) was definatly the end. The of course was expected to be Buffy and Cordy, but, SURPRISE!!

NEXT WEEK: A new watcher irritates Giles and prompts Buffy to take foolish chances and ignore her studies--she battles a once-banished group of demons searching for an amulet. Looks very good. I hope Buffy beats the crap out of her new watcher.

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