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"Graduation: Part 1"

Original Air Date: May 18, 1999
Review by: Amanda

Episode Review

I liked the way I set up my review last week, so I decided to keep trying that.

- Well, we are seeing more and more of Anya. Maybe she'll be a regular in the next season?!?

- Faith is getting worse and worse. She is now killing people for no reason! Can you say bitch??!?!

- It makes life tremendously easier for Buffy now that Joyce knows that Buffy is the slayer. Buffy is able to tell her mom anything, and is able to get her out of town without to much explaining.

- I like Oz's idea of "panicking!!" But I cannot believe they slept together, but that phonecall kind of ruined the moment.

- I so hate to see Angel in pain!! :(

- Go Buffy, Go Buffy!!! Woo-hoo! She killed Faith! I am soooo thrilled!! Although there is a bad side, in how she jumped on the truck, so no blood for Angel! This is not good!

Graduation, Part 2

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