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"Faith, Hope, and Trick"

Original Air Date: October 13, 1998
Review by: Blu

Episode Review

Hiya, everybody! It's Blu reporting in with her (semi) weekly thoughts on Buffy (aka venting about Buffy).

On Buffy: Ok, she's getting back in the swing of things, she's doing the Slayer thing. I liked her much better today than I have for the two previous eps, for some reason that I can't place. Maybe she seemed more human, with her jealousy and that indecisive thing with Scott.

On Willow: I love her, and her rambling-ness. I just love her.

On Oz: ::squealing:: He's adorable! He loves everything about Willow, and shows it. I wish I had a boy-toy like that...

On Cordy: Nothing much to say here. She hasn't really been at the forefront of anything yet, so I haven't had any huge insights about her.

On Xander: Where did he get that shirt?! And those muscles? ::sigh:: I did a breathless almost fainting thing on the outside of Bronze scene...oooh.

On Giles: He made me so angry I wanted to scream. "There is no spell." Argh, how totally mean and unreasonable is that? I can understand how he couldn't just ask her, but still, I hated that part.

On Angel (saved the best for last): ::*very* big sigh:: Ok, loved the white shirt in the dream sequence, the flashbacks were sad, we saw his glorious bod! Ok, so it was for a millisecond, but still...he's OUT! Yay! Yes! All right! ::doing a little Blu dance:: I'm so happy!

On the previews: Um, isn't it already Tuesday? Please let it be Tuesday. Waiting is going to be a pain. And was it me, or was he still at least half naked? I thought I saw bare skin. He's all scratched up, poor baby. Maybe he needs some TLC, eh?



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