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Original Air Date: February 23, 1999
Review by: Amanda

Episode Review

I liked this eppy. It was really strange, but I thought it was good. I kind of felt for Willow. It sucks to be "old reliable." I know how she would want to be a rebel, but I can't believe Buffy would actually think she would change that drastically. I also felt bad for Giles, Buffy, and Xander when they thought Willow was a vampire. It was cute when they all hugged her when they found out there was another Willow. When Cordelia found out she was a vamp, and she didn't really care, it made me think she was more conceited than I thought. Willow did great on impersonating herself as vamp, except when they suggested to start killing the people at the Bronze. It was so cute when Willow waved at Oz, it was also helpful for him to know that it was the real Willow.

Angel, again he wasn't in the episode too much this week. But I really think he cares for the whole Scobby gang, not just Buffy. He looked genuinely sorry when he thought Willow was dead.

On Faith: It looked like she was kind of nervous about sending vamps after Willow, like she didn't want her to die. Even though I don't like Faith (I hope Buffy kills her or she goes to jail for killing that guy) maybe there is hope for her yet. I was thinking about something though, do you think Faith might have joined the mayor to get dirt on his plans on killing Buffy and stuff?

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