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Original Air Date: February 16, 1999
Review by: Amanda

Episode Review

This was an episode full of shockers.

First of all, can you say eeew? How could Cordelia come on to Wesley, that is just way too gross. Also, Faith is unbelievable!! Who does she think she is? I can't believe she put blame on Buffy for killing that man. Buffy had no part in that. I mean, she wanted to help him. Even though I probaly wouldn't have been so quick to save Faith. It was very good of Buffy to push Faith out of the way of the falling box thing, and Faith did a good job killing the vamps, and Trick, but what a bitch! My mouth just dropped open when she told the mayor that she wanted to take Trick's place and help him. I knew she wasn't very nice, but I didn't think she was evil. Faith is one human that Buffy will have to kill, and when she does do it, she won't feel guilty. Where was Oz this ep? I missed him.

OK, know why does this show have to be so complicated? Willow "loves" Oz. She really, truly wants to get back together with him. She also wants him to forgive her for kissing Xander. But then, she balls her eyes out when she finds out that he slept with Faith. Maybe she doesn't love Oz as much as she says. I have a feeling that by the end of the season, Willow and Xander will be together.

Angel, saving the day again (and looking very nice while doing it!) Faith was going to kill Xander, so she deserves a good whack on the head, or maybe a few. It was good that Angel locked her up. If she was free, she would kill everyone she could.

Every week, each ep ends like it's a to be continued, and it doesn't look they'll be dealing with Faith too much next week, because Willow's vamp self is back, and wrecking havoc on the quiet town of Sunnydale.

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