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"Band Candy"

Original Air Date: November 10, 1998
Review by: Blu

Episode Review

Ok, call me an idiot. Call me any names you want. Argh. I just have not had any time to myself this past week. What with the holidays, work is getting fuller and fuller. So here's my article:

On the whole, this episode wasn't one of my favorites. I liked the concept, and seeing Giles so distinctly un-British was a hoot. But Joyce wasn't as entertaining (to me), and seeing her and Giles suck face was just a little much for my stomach. Angel and Buffy's conversation made me cry, partly because it was a TEENY little bitty talk, and I'm missing Angel terribly, and because she was just depressing me. The Xander/Willow thing has me in tears the entire time. I can't believe she'd do that to Oz, and I can't beli- ok, I can believe Xander would be that insensitive. But, Willow, girl, what are you thinking? Oz is The Wolf! He's so sensitive, nice, sweet, understanding...much much MUCH better than Xander (anybody get that I am biased yet?). What is with that, I can only guess. But anyway, this is an Angel site, so we should talk about Angel. The previews for next week were so wonderful...I can only hope the show is as good as its supposed to be. I mean, I want more Angel! I miss him! I don't care if we have to get Xander and Oz and Giles in there to get some more Angel, but PLEASE! I'm begging here! Onto the Mayor and Mr. Trick. I don't know, I think they're sorta weak, so far. We haven't really seen what they can do. Aah, the good old days of Spike and Dru...or even Spike. He made such a good villain, don't you think? Ok, that's all from me!



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