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Original Air Date: September 29, 1998
Review by: Blu

Episode Review

Ok, my thoughts on the whole deal in no particular order:

I'm still in awe of Joss' power over me. Wow. He's superb.

Depressing. The whole "teens on the street" theme was really sad, really for me because I spent a week in Denver, CO this past summer doing a mission trip with my youth group, and I saw some of this first hand. Minus the demons, of course. It touched me. I was thisclose to crying.

Angel missage: Status: UNCHANGED. Wow...thirty seconds. I'm hoping for more of him at any time, and might I mention the spoiler that I got from a friend about him in the buff (you know what I mean) on (wasn't it the?) third ep comes to mind everytime I hear or think about the song "My Angel Is A Centerfold"? Did I just lose everyone?

Oz. Yum. Wait wait wait. I think we got jipped there too. What's with that? And I missed Willow for this episode too...ok, I know the show is called "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", so I'm really crossing my fingers that now that she's back in town we'll get more of the Slayerettes. Here's hoping.

Buffy's newer haircut gets two thumbs up from this girl, I like it better than the flat look, if it is a little shaggy.

I *knew* that Lily girl looked familiar...

Ok, those mean guys were very creepy. Definately creepy. The faces on them...ugh to the nth, right? But I guess that's the point. I did like the gate falling on the guy at the end, but the club to the head was a little much for me...but that is just my opinion.

I think I've rambled on long enough for one night, but I think we all got the general gist: I miss the boys!



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