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"I Only Have Eyes For You"

Original Air Date: April 28, 1998
Review by: Blu

Episode Review

This was a LONG awaited episode after many MANY reruns. We open on the Bronze. The camera pans down and left to the band, a little to the right to the (female) singer. We see a crowd of dancers, Willow, then the camera pans up and we view Buffy on the upper floor of the Bronze, holding a cup and scanning the room below. We briefly meet Ben (a hottie) and Buffy manages to turn him down for the Sadie Hawkins dance and convey her not-dating status ("I'm not seeing anyone. Ever again.") Poor Ben.

I'm liking the new place, Spike, my boy. I'd better not try and place the architecture (my best guess would be Gothic, but I know little), but I get the impressions of darkness and solitude.

Grr. SO not enjoying the Angelus/Dru interaction. She must not be 'the loyal type'. Definite feelings of sorry-ness for Spike. Did Angel drive himself mental WITH Dru? Eew, eew, eew. Is anyone unclear as to how I view this?

However, if I was ever gonna torment someone to the brink of insanity, I might take pointers from Angelus. (::wicked grin here::)

Side note: Willow was wonderful in this ep.

The ghost thing: it was freaky in a romantic sort of way. I liked Buffy's guilt. It's most likely how I would react if my ex was a vamp, who has lost his soul cuz I gave him a moment of happiness, go psycho on me.

The Giles unwilling to let go of Jenny part made me cry. I don't think he and Joyce should get together.

The 'he wants forgiveness' scene at Buffy's house SO (as Cordy said: "Over identify much?") went with the theme of the episode.

Now to the good part (not that everything else I just spouted off wasn't good): the ANGEL/BUFFY scene! ::smiles:: Ok, so he called her 'James' a couple times and she called him 'Grace' (made me laugh every time), it paralleled Buffy and Angel's situation. And (I read such a good fic about this somewhere) I am inclined to believe that Angel's soul took over for a while there. I could be reaching, but I AM going through some serious Angel missage. Remember back at the end of 'Innocence' Buffy wouldn't wish on her birthday candles? The look she had on her face when she said "Angel" was pretty longing. And hoping. And wishing. She must have been devastated when he ran.

I was rolling on the floor (laughing) at the beginning of the last scene/ Angel ALMOST taking a shower (come on, Joss, my man. Come through for us...) and feeling VIOLATED! ::giggles uncontrollably:: And was it me or was he in a BIG hurry when he left? Wonder why...

When Spike stands up, I am screaming out loud (albeit quietly, wouldn't want the neighbors to think I'm crazy...) ABOUT BLOODY TIME!!! Now maybe we'll get to see that Revenge Thing. Or maybe the Kick Evil-Angel's Butt Thing. Yay! Yippee! ::does cartwheel:: In my eyes, Angel deserves it.

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