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I would like to thank Michelle for letting me post the transcript. She did all the hard work.


Juliet on Vibe Transcript
by Michelle

Here you go. I tried to avoid getting every word that repeated or every uh...um...etc. Enjoy!

Sinbad: Now, our next guest has appeared in movies like 'Ed Wood' with Johnny Depp and 'Theodore Rex' with Whoopi Goldberg but she is my main girl on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is Drusilla. She is evil, she is fine, she is bad. Check out her evil ways.

[Show clip of Drusilla in the Garden with Spike and Angel from Becoming Part 1]

Sinbad: Please give it up for Juliet Landau

[Juliet comes down the stairs and hugs Sinbad. They both sit down.]

Sinbad: Seems like we were just talking not too long ago.

Juliet Landau: Yes!

S: I know! [laughs] Now, I want to ask you something.

JL: Yes.

S: On your show, you play a vampire.

JL: I do.

S: But you got some skills. I mean you got that tall sexy vampire thing going on. Cause you, cheated on all your vampires. She cheated on my man. She's been hanging out with Dave now. You just got this attraction that even vampires just can't resist, right?

JL: I do seem to stray a bit.

S: You stray a bit.

JL: Yeah, a little bit.

S: Now that accent. You had to learn that accent, right?

JL: Yeah, yeah. It's really fun. This character is soo much fun to do. There's just so much dimension to her and so many colors and so many levels that it's really a blast.

S: Your all having so much fun. I tell everybody else that's on my show. I get the tapes early. I cannot miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

JL: That is so cool!

S: I cannot miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love the show. Now, the good thing about show is you get to be fine and you get to be kinda jacked up. When you go into attack, your whole face changes.

JL: Yes, definitely. I'm pretty diabolical.

S: Oh yes. But it's not as bad. Some of the vampires are old on the old movies. They were real nasty looking. I mean they can't even get a date. At least you can go out with a guy and kill him. Let me give you an example. Sandy show a clip of what, see.

[Shows really nasty looking vampire woman from unknown movie]

S: That's, that's...

JL: Oh my God!

S: That's jacked up!

JL: What is that from?

S: I don't know which movie that is, but she ain't happy! That woman has no choice but to kill folks. She's not gonna date, she's not going out with anybody.

JL: She doesn't look too good.

S: No, she's not happy. Now, you look like you used to be a dancer or something. Cause you got the legs, the arms and everything.

JL: Yeah, I was a ballerina.

S: Yeah?

JL: Yeah. [guy in crowd yells] Thank you. Actually, yeah, it's um, it's does help for the part. In terms of her physicality there's sort of... When I was weak, I was weak for the first six episodes.

S: Yeah that's right you were! That right!

JL: And I was sort of dying. And, when I got renewed and got very strong. So, the physicality was very different in both of those.

S: I loved when you saved the man, the other vampire, the one with the blond hair. And carried him, she had to carry him, he was dead, she carried him. Then she cheated on him! Saved him...and then we got the other man who needs a little help here.

JL: [pouty, defensive of her character] Well, you know, that wasn't exactly. Angel was the guy who made me the vampire who I am.

S: That's right, that's right. Just flopping back and forth.

JL: I'm sort of a bit confused.

S: Alright. Now, you've worked...her dad. Martin Landau, is the man. He is, he is, I love this man. From the days of Mission Impossible, I love him. Now, you had a chance working with your father. I think we have a picture from when you were working with your father. Do we have that? [shows picture of Juliet and her dad]

JL: Awe.

S: You look so good together. Now, did he want you to become an actress? I mean most people that act don't really want their kids to go into the business.

JL: Actually, both of my parents, who are in the business, were definitely supportive of me doing it.

S: Oh yeah?

JL: So it's nice. Yeah, yeah.

S: He didn't have any problems with, 'Dad I want to go act, want to do this thing.'

JL: No, he's really supportive about it. And it was great working together. Working with Tim Burton on "Ed Wood" was absolutely amazing.

S: Ed Wood was out there. He's, Tim Burton always finds those weird characters that you would never know. I had to do some research on him to find out who Ed Wood was.

JL: Yeah, I didn't know who Ed Wood was either. And then I started reading stuff about him and watching. Have you seen any of the films?

S: Yes.

JL: Oh, god.

S: Ed Wood's in these B movies. But he has his own taste. You gotta go watch. Go get some old Ed Wood movies. Go to video stores, do they have them?

JL: Yeah they do have them. And they're the absolute worst movies of all time. It's unbelievable how bad they are.

S: He was the man. He did it to conviction. Ed Wood did it. The worst special effects. It looks fake, but he did it with such style.

JL: Exactly. Right, right.

S: He's the man. Now, I want to ask you a question. When you go back to the show, tell everybody, Sinbad wants to be on the show.

JL: Okay.

S: But I want to be a vampire. I don't wanna be good.

JL: You can team with us.

S: I want to team with you guys. Take you from Angel. Snatch you from your man.

JL: [looks at him worried] Okay.

S: I'm gonna snatch you from your man. But i want to be a new improved vampire. When Buffy sticks me...

JL: Yeah?

S: I just pull the stick out. And they cut to commercial.

JL: And so it doesn't work.

S: It doesn't kill me. They'll kill me eventually.

JL: Right.

S: But the stick, nah. You gotta use something better than the stick.

S: Afro sheen. You gotta kill me with Afro sheen. [everyone cracks up] It's gonna take some time to figure that out.

JL: It's gonna happen.

S: Can you hook it up?

JL: Yeah, why not?

S: Alright, next year. I wanna be on it.

JL: Okay.

S: You gotta come back.

JL: Okay, I will.

S: Tell the rest of the cast I want 'em too.

JL: Alright. Thank you.

S: Thank you so much. Juliet on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Tuesday nights at 8PM on the WB. They got a two parter coming up. Check it out, y'all, it's happening.

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