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Brother Dearest 2: The Visit

By Jyll & Juls

Summary: The MacLeans decide to head on over to Sunnydale for Thanksgiving.
Part of The Brother Dearest Series
Disclaimer: We don't own them. You guys know that, no need to go into detail over it.
Kooky-fact that messes things up: Ooops! The whole Brother Dearest thing started in April, when Rory and Shawn were 5 or 6 months old. Now it's November, and their still 5 or 6 months old. It's messed up, sorry about all of it. Just don't think about how messed up our story is.


"I cannot believe you talked me into this! This is insane!"

"Stop it now! You're being a baby!"

"Maybe I am. And speaking of babies, I don't want my sons, my *infant* sons, around that psychotic maniac!"

"She's my mother!"

Angelus sighed. There was no arguing with her, they were going. To see Joyce. And Giles. And Xander and Willow and Oz and Cordelia and...him. Angel.

He had been against it from the start, but what was he to do? Stand up to his wife? When had he ever developed the balls to do that?

So there they were, in their limo, on there way to 1630 Revello Drive, to see everyone. Buffy was leaning into the seat calming down a screaming Shawn and all the while scolding Angelus for acting like such a dick.

Angelus growled slightly in his throat as they pulled up to Buffy's old house. The driver opened the door to allow Buffy and Angelus outside. Buffy held Shawn and Angelus held Rory. They walked up the steps and Buffy rang the doorbell, to her house, the one she hadn't been to in 3 years.

Joyce answered the door looking a little surprised. "Buffy, Angelus, what are you two doing here?"

"What, a daughter can't stop by to see her mother?"

"No, no, it's just that you live in Chicago. I didn't expect seeing you without any notice."

"Well, Joyce, don't worry we're staying at a hotel," Angelus interjected.

"You didn't invite those retched girls, the one's that committed murder did you?" Joyce asked, trembling slightly at the thought.

"No, but now that you mention it..." Buffy said. Just then Angel came to the door.

"Joyce, who is it? Oh! Buffy...Angelus," Angel said rather stiffly, "what a surprise."

"Isn't it," Angelus said, loving that he was making his twin uncomfortable.

"Well, umm, why don't you guys come in," Joyce said attempting to smooth things over.

Buffy stepped into her old house and looked around. Little had changed. Same carpet, same paint job, same art decorations.

Angelus glanced at his surroundings. He hadn't remembered Buffy's house as well as he thought he had. He knew her room quite well, as he had spent many an evening sketching the sleeping slayer. But he had never really noticed the downstairs. He had been a demon when Angel had dated Buffy. Angel had of course noticed his surroundings, but Angel acted like he was gay.

Joyce ushered them into the living room and immediately scooped up her grandsons, holding the two gurgling babies in her lap and playing with them.

"Do they talk yet?" she asked.

"Nope, not yet. But they can recognize their names," supplied Angelus. Angel glowered at him.

"So...what did you two do for Thanksgiving?" asked Giles, walking into the living room and kissing Buffy lightly on the cheek and wrestling Rory away from Joyce. It was his grandson too. He had been in the kitchen making tea when they had arrived, and had wanted to finish it before he went out into the living room.

"We had dinner with Spike and Dru and a few other friends," said Buffy, trying not to laugh at Joyce while her mother made those ridiculous sounds at Shawn. She sounded like a retarded monkey.

"Who?" inquired Angelus curiously.

Buffy dismissed the question with a wave of her hand. "A few of Angelus's colleagues, my secretary, Dru's friend, and of course Pamela, Jessica and Jyll."

"They had Thanksgiving with you?!" asked Giles, a bit shocked that Buffy and Angelus would allow those three serial killers into their home.

Angelus chuckled. "Of course. It was delightful. They went into detail about exactly how they murdered that Whedon man. Interesting."

"How'd they do it?" asked Joyce curiously.

"Apparently Jessica shoved an orb-of-thessulah in his eye, and Pamela buried him in a Romani cemetery."

"What does that Jyll person have to do with any of this, then?" asked Angel. He hadn't met her, and he hadn't heard much about her.

"Oh, that," said Buffy. "She killed a woman named Kate with a metal rod. Shoved it right up her ass."

Joyce shifted uncomfortabley. Her daughter and son-in-law were friends with these types of people? Then again, her-son-in-law was this type of people.

Angel smiled when he heard Shawn cooing. Reaching over, he picked the infant up and juggled him on his knee.

Angelus rolled his eyes. It would be a long weekend.

The End

This is the second story in our series! It is far from over. Thanx to everyone for their feedback, special thanks to Pamela and Jessica. Feedback greatly appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
-Jyll and Juls

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