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Below are the ordered collections of prequels, sequels, and stories that just (as one author phrases it) "relate to each other in some way."

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The Alive Series

They Did Not Fade Away
Three years after Not Fade Away, things have changed so much, and yet not at all.

What It Means To Be Alive
The nature of love and what it means to be human.
(Sequel to They Did Not Fade Away)

What It Means To Be Alive, Part II
The nature of love and what it means to be human.
(Conclusion of What It Means To Be Alive)

The Believer Series
Note: It helps to read "The View" Series first.

Twist of Fate
Willow's point-of-view about changes in her life.

Life Force
Angel discovers some signs of life.

The Brother Dearest Series

Brother Dearest
Several years after "Becoming," it seems everyone is back to - and beyond - normal.

The Visit, Brother Dearest 2
The MacLeans head to Sunnydale for Thanksgiving.

Holidays Suck, Brother Dearest 3
Mr. MacLean is not a big fan of Christmas.

The Millennium, Brother Dearest 4
The MacLeans make plans for the new year.

The End Series

The End
The new Slayer is not thrilled when Buffy returns.

The Return
Buffy finds herself in a very, very bad place.
(Sequel to The End)

The Fems Series

Extra Help Needed
Three girls show up in Sunnydale to help the Slayer fight another Master.

Though Lovers Be Lost
The Fems must overcome broken trust to help defeat Angelus.
(Sequel to Extra Help Needed)

The Half A Chance Series

Happy Rebirthday, Angel
Buffy and the gang prepare a special gift as Angelus celebrates an "anniversary."

Jenny is dead, and someone will pay.

A Gift
Angel tries to make amends with Giles.

Early Mornings
Buffy and Angel start the day together.

The Past Can Haunt You
A blast from the past finds Angel

Pictures and a Picnic
The gang reflects on their summer adventures.

The Healing Series

Kiss the Rain
Buffy finds a way to see Angel again.

The Healing Process
Buffy and Angel reunite.
(Sequel to Kiss the Rain)

More Healing
Angel returns to Sunnydale. Again.
(Sequel to The Healing Process)

The Memories Series

Memories Recalled
Ten years in the future, Angel regains his mortality
but loses his memory. Can Buffy remind him?

Till Death Do You Part
Three marriages . . . after a funeral?
(Sequel to Memories Recalled)

The Miss Shansu Series

That's Miss Shansu to You
A case brings in a woman who may be the key to Angel's redemption.

Eva falls into a coma.
(Sequel to That's Miss Shansu to You)

Angel has an other-worldly visit and is left with the biggest choice of his life.
(Sequel to Memories)

The Via Dolorosa Series

Saved by ... What?!
Buffy has a run-in with Angelus.

Angel's gone, but does he want to be found?

Angel's back, with a bad case of amnesia.

Buffy is torn between love and the next best thing.

The View Series

A View From Below
Angel is reminded of what he's lost.

Who Wants to Live Forever?
Whistler offers Angel a deal.
(Sequel to A View From Below)

Angel searches for Buffy.
(Sequel to Who Wants to Live Forever?)

The Waiting Series

Watching and Waiting
Buffy and Angel start to feel the heat.

Waiting, Too
Should Buffy and Angel keep fighting?
(Sequel to Watching and Waiting)


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