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Updated Monday 8 May, 1998

Variety reports that, "Mutant Enemy is also developing a "Buffy" spinoff for the WB network called "Angel," based on the character from the series played by David Boreanaz. The WB has ordered 13 episodes for fall 1999. The series will be more adult, darker and more episodic than "Buffy."

Joss Whedon's (creator of Buffy) comments on the new series, Angel, starring David Boreanaz (from TV Guide):

"David Boreanaz appeals to every woman that I've ever met," says Joss Whedon. The creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer tells our Susan Campbell Beachy that Angel, Boreanaz's brooding character, will star in his own series in the fall of 1999. "Angel will be leaving Buffy and Sunnydale and moving to Los Angeles, that other notorious hell mouth," Whedon jokes. While some Buffy characters will cross over, the new series "will reach for an older demographic," Whedon says. "Buffy is about the pain of being a teenager, and Angel is about the pain of adulthood."


David will be returning for next season. Then he will leave Sunnydale and go to LA to redeem himself and to stay away from Buffy. The show right now is titled, "Angel" and will air Fall, 1999. He will be making occasional guest appearances on Buffy the following season. Both David and Sarah confirmed this in an interview on WB11 after the finale. David also confirmed this in the AOL chat and said that Whistler will be a pivotal character in the new series.

*A note to those persons who emailed me saying they couldn't see how Angel could come back: Buffy did not kill Angel. She merely stabbed him in the chest with the sword and trapped him in hell. Joss will find a way to save him. This is a sci fi show about vampires, we must suspend our rational beliefs.


I don't blame David for taking a shot at his own show. He will get more air time and a chance to emerge from under Sarah's shadow, but darn it sucks for Angel and Buffy fans. Besides, in my opinion, I doubt that Sarah is likely to sign on after her 5 year contract runs out and what would happen to David and the rest of the cast. They will be unemployed. This may the best move for David's career.

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