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We asked, and you answered. Many thanks to everyone who responded in our polls!

"What should happen in Season 4?"

Connor and Angel team up8034%
Connor goes away for good125%
Angel turns evil2812%
Darla returns177%
Anything, if Angel's naked9340%

We received a total of 230 votes.

"If you were Angel, what would you do?"

Vamp out - since I can3710%
Pick up chicks113%
Help the hopeless like he does13336%
Return to Sunnydale16746%

We received a total of 360 votes.

"Should Fred and Gunn be together?"

Yes, they're good together.16068%
No, Fred should be with Wes.3816%
No, Gunn should be with Cordy.72%
No. Less dating: more action!2912%

We received a total of 234 votes.

"What do you think of Season 4 so far?"

It's great - the best yet6934%
So far, so good8140%
Not good - I hope it improves178%
I haven't seen it yet.3216%

We received a total of 199 votes.

"Should 'Buffy' - the series - return next season?"

Yes, only if Sarah returns18761%
Yes, even without Sarah6420%
No, it is time to let go4113%
Whatever. I don't watch it.134%

We received a total of 305 votes.

"What do you think of Connor?"

I love him!
He's my favorite!
I like him. 6626%
I neither like nor hate him.6225%
I can't stand him.8534%

We received a total of 248 votes.

"What is your favorite season so far?"

Season 13825%
Season 21912%
Season 32214%
Season 42717%
I haven't seen
all of them yet

We received a total of 152 votes.

"What do you think of Spike joining the cast of 'Angel'?"

He's great! Same old Spike!15773%
Not impressed.115%
I haven't decided yet.209%
I hate it!52%
I haven't seen Season 5 yet.2210%

We received a total of 215 votes.

"How long have you watched Angel the Series?"

Since the first season9870%
For several seasons2820%
I started watching this season96%
I've only seen a few episodes32%
I don't watch it.10%

We received a total of 139 votes.

"What did you think of the Series Finale?"

Awesome! The best!6638%
It was good.3419%
I'm rather disappointed.4123%
It sucked.126%
I haven't seen it yet.1911%

We received a total of 172 votes.

"Would you watch a movie about the Buffyverse if
neither Angel nor Buffy was in it?"


We received a total of 186 votes.


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