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We asked, and you answered. Many thanks to everyone who responded in our polls!

"Which Angel character are you most like and why?"

Cordelia 5731.4
Fred 126.6
Gunn 73.8
Buffy 52.8
Wesley 52.8
Lindsey 42.2
Drusilla 31.6
Lilah 10.6
Darla 10.6
Kate 10.6
Faith 10.6
Dennis 10.6

As of 12/31/2001, we received 181 total votes.

Most Common Reason: same attitude or personality
Other Reasons:

Similar to Cordelia because "i talk and dress like her."

Similar to Cordelia because "same clothing."

Similar to Cordelia because "i talk and dress like her."

Similar to Gunn because "1. He looks great 2. His Humor"

Similar to Wesley because "he's clever and funny in a way."

Similar to Fred because "i just don't seem to fit in sometimes."

Similar to Angel because "I can relate to him and what he goes through."

Similar to Angel because "I'm kinda broody like him."

Similar to Angel because "I like how he is growing with each and every problem thrown in his path, either past or present, and how he's still standing afterwards."

Similar to Angel because "I can't sing at all."

Similar to Angel because "I don't sleep at night, hate the sunlight and have a whole load of sins to repent..."

Similar to Angel because "I admire his struggle for redemption and I see that he cares about people, even when he doesn't want to let it show."

Similar to Angel because "I guess I am like Angel because I am truly what you call an outsider. Imagining what I want but never can have and being in the shadows hoping and praying like i was like everyone else."

Similar to Angel because "I always get the fine women after me..!!"

Similar to Buffy because "we both like Angel."

I like Dennis because I want some one who looks out for my best intrests, but doesn't intrude on my life. He's the single girl's dream roommate.

"Which Angel character should have a spin-off series?"

None of these 8828.3
Faith 7624.4
Cordelia 5216.7
The Host 289
Drusilla 165.1
Kate 144.5
Lindsey 103.2
Wesley 92.9
Gunn 82.6
Fred 72.3
Lilah 31

We received a total of 311 votes.

"What do you think of Cordelia?"

I love her!
She's my favorite!
I like her.17447.7
I don't like her,
but I don't hate her.
I can't stand her.246.6

We received a total of 365 votes.

"Should Angel and Cordelia be together as a couple?"

No292 58.4

We received a total of 500 votes.

"Who(m) should Angel date?"

Someone else 387.8
No one357.2

We received a total of 485 votes.

"What do you think of Fred?"

I love her!
She's my favorite!
I like her.23964.6
I don't like her,
but I don't hate her.
I can't stand her.184.9

We received a total of 370 votes.

"Which season of Angel is your favorite so far?"

Season 15818.4
Season 25116.1
Season 311135.1
I haven't seen all of them yet.9630.4

We received a total of 316 votes.


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