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Angel Chat Room

Before proceeding to the chat room, please review the guidelines listed below.

Angel Chat Rules

[ 1 ] Be respectful of other chatters. It is fine to disagree with someone, but state the reason you disagree. Don't attack the poster of the message.

[ 2 ] You don't need to register to chat. Just pick a screen name.

[ 3 ] Be careful. I strongly advise against posting personal information such as your home address, telephone number, etc.

[ 4 ] Have fun! If you enjoy Angel as I do, you just can't talk about him and the show enough. This is the place to discuss the show with others and let your thoughts be heard, or at least read.

Angel Chat Room

Click the link below to enter the chat room; the chat room will open in a new browser window so that you can keep surfing in this one, if you like, while you wait for other chatters.

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